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Art In Action Day

In Action Day: An Immersive Arts Experience at the Lower Campus

This story was contributed by Amanda Lower, Lower School Performing Arts Instructor, 2-5; Art Design by 5th grader Hulya Inel

On Friday, April 22 the Lower Campus was alive with Immersive Arts Experiences. During their regular connections block, the kindergarten through fifth grade students enjoyed an arts rotation experience. Each grade level, led by a connector teacher followed an interactive and diverse set of artistic stations. Experiences included:

  • a west African dance and drumming session with the Uhuru Dance Ensemble 
  • a crash course in how to act for a commercial with Riley Hough of ClasShare
  • Hip Hop with Sherovski Moreland 
  • Full bodied Mural Making with Amber Jimison on the Frontier
  • a Yayoi Kusama immersive dot wall 
  • a costume challenge with Jess Ford

Experts from the Upper campuses joined the students to connect our two campuses.

  • Clark Taylor from the upper school came over with his high school World Drumming class
  • Spencer Stephens from the middle school came over for Puppetry Power with his students
  • Michael Nestor and Vann Thornton shared their talents with brass instruments

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