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Mount Vernon Arts Alliance

A Letter to our Members

Thank you for supporting the Mount Vernon Arts Alliance.

On the first day of building, my builders made for me…

Surrounded by kids from Upper, Middle, and Lower School as well as several parents, we worked on reindeer and set pieces, designing what would become a marble floor. There were two nutcrackers involved. The 3rd graders can now tell you how the large format printer works, and I promised them some 3D printing next time. The Lower School students worked with Upper School students to paint, and with parents to use the jig saw to cut out the reindeer’s body.

MV Arts Alliance 2022-2023

The Mount Vernon Arts Alliance is an independent organization of parents, grandparents, and special friends committed to advancing the educational mission of Mount Vernon Studios. We are dedicated to connecting families and the school’s arts and design faculty and nurturing the Mount Vernon community’s creativity in Film, Theater, Visual Arts,… Read More »MV Arts Alliance 2022-2023

MVAA Build Events 2022

Mount Vernon Build Events are fun opportunities to come and wield some scissors or play with a stapler. If you are into woodworking, there will be people sawing and hammering. Paint is always available if you want to focus on your artist side. This year we are helping with sets… Read More »MVAA Build Events 2022

Mount Vernon School

Volunteer with a Friend

One of the things I enjoyed last year was the time I got to spend with friends on socially distant walks through our neighborhoods or chatting over coffee via Zoom. I think one thing the pandemic has made us all realize is how important the people in our lives are… Read More »Volunteer with a Friend

Student Spotlight: Winsten Chiu

Mount Vernon fifth-grader Winsten Chiu sets his sights on excellence in choral music as a member of the Georgia Boys Choir. Winsten expressed interest in music when the Georgia Boys Choir came to Mount Vernon to audition students in 2017. Winsten quickly discovered that he loved being a member of the… Read More »Student Spotlight: Winsten Chiu