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Launching a Robotics Club!

Seeking robot enthusiasts in grades 8-12 to join the first-ever Mount Vernon Robotics Club! Intrigued, but don’t know what it’s all about? Us too! Robotics is much more than coding, wiring and assembling stuff. Maybe your child likes to code but isn’t much of a builder. Maybe your child likes to build but can’t figure out how to turn on a computer. Maybe your child loves electronics and power tools or just likes to make things. Maybe your child is artistic. Maybe your child just loves to compete or thought the movie Spare Parts was cool. All of these interests are necessary parts of a robotics team. If your child has any of these interests or others we have not thought of, this club is for him or her! We are also looking for parent and grandparent volunteers to support this new robotics club. Little to no experience is necessary!

Concerned about the pressure and commitment of competition? Don’t be! Our goal is to start slow, build a community, have fun and explore this exciting frontier together. If your child is at all curious about robotics we want your input to help shape our first year. Robotics is the ultimate team activity because no one can do it alone. If your child has an interest but is worried about tech skills, don’t be. If we can build a solid foundation this year, we can compete next year.

Over the summer a small group of students got together to discuss the possibility of forming a robotics club. We have enough students to start the club and are in the process of confirming the teacher sponsor. Early plans are to meet weekly after school for an hour, but these plans are fluid and will be finalized soon. Parents and grandparents have already stepped up, with some donating kits and others expressing an interest in helping our club members learn the basics of robotics with a goal of creating competitive teams in the years to come. We are off to a great start. If you or your student are interested in participation, please contact student assistants Addison Vogt at and Herris Fentress at, or parent volunteer Hilary Fentress at