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Student Spotlight: Lyndsey Franklin

Lyndsey Franklin, an eleventh grade Mustang, shines on the dance floor, on the soccer field and as a representative of Mount Vernon’s innovative and community-oriented spirit. Lyndsey is an accomplished athlete who loves to play soccer as well as express herself creatively as a member of the Upper School dance team. She is also a “social butterfly” who enjoys collaborating, communicating, and interacting with diverse thinkers. 

A natural leader, Lyndsey formed and founded the Cultural Alliance Club, which teaches students to engage deeply and respectfully with diverse cultures. Her club was used as inspiration to create an after-school class for middle and elementary-aged students. Lyndsey is also a student ambassador for the Alliance for Media Arts+Culture—a national organization that helps students examine social justice issues through media and art. Over the summer Lyndsey showed her commitment to the arts and her community by compiling, organizing, and editing a magazine with Youth Media Alliance to allow young people of color to explore cultural identity in a safe space. 

In recognition of her achievements, Lyndsey received the Mount Vernon Mindset Award last year, which is given to students who exemplify the qualities of an excellent solution seeker, communicator, creative thinker, innovator, ethical decision-maker and collaborator.

Five fun facts about Lyndsey:

  1. Lyndsey is the creator of an installation concept to be featured at the Upper School Christmas Art Showcase. 
  • Lyndsey enjoys watching K-Dramas! She also loves Korean culture, including her favorite pop group BTS, and is teaching herself Korean. 
  • In her free time, Lyndsey likes to knit.
  • Lyndsey is interested in studying Psychology.
  • Lyndsey enjoys creative writing and is especially interested in short fiction.