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Little Women

by Grace Gilmour, Class of 2023

“I think it’s going to be really good, you know? I think everyone in the cast is really ‘gonna bond and be friends.” This is a quote from Abby Stanford, a seventh-grader, who will be playing Amy March in Mount Vernon’s upcoming production of Little Women, the musical, taken after the first read-through of the script. Abby was right! Since then, the cast has bonded and come together to make a truly spectacular show.

Performances November 15-18 7:00 PM

The story of Little Women is already familiar to most, but to sum it up, the March family, made up of sisters Jo, with all her ambition, dramatic Amy, romantic Meg, quiet Beth, as well as ever-strong Marmee, are all navigating life and its ups and downs. It is a tale about how, no matter what struggles may come into your life, your family and friends will always be there to support you.

To help the students understand and convey this message, the Dramaturge, Jen Lloyd, an Upper School Humanities instructor, is helping the actors take a closer look into their characters and the time period, as well as understand more about Louisa May Alcott and why she wrote Little Women in the first place. Natalie Fiacco, an eleventh grader playing Marmee, said it best: “When Mrs. Lloyd asked me why my character was named Marmee, I wasn’t sure how to answer. That’s when she told me that Marmee is the word for mom but with a heavy accent. Talking with Mrs. Lloyd has helped me connect with my character on a whole new level.” 

Through deep dives into the history of the story like this, as well as close instruction on how to create specific movements for our characters, this show has given each of the actors more in depth understanding of the story and its context.

Jen Lloyd is one of several members of the all-female production team. Amanda Lower, Mount Vernon’s Lower School Performing Arts Instructor, is the show Director and visionary who proposed the production to Matthew Neylon last year, and Cristina Dinella Makowicz, a guest expert, is the Music Director. Kathy Kelly-George, Mount Vernon’s Upper Campus Vocal Instructor, served as a Voice Coach and Cheryl Bruno, Mount Vernon’s Early Childhood Visual Arts Instructor, is assisting with the show’s costumes. For more on Amanda Lower and Kathy Kelly-George, read this month’s faculty spotlights below.

The show will run on Tuesday, November 16th through Thursday, November 18th at 7 p.m. in the chapel Providence Place, 590 Mount Vernon Highway, with a preview night on Monday, November 15th. Get your tickets here []!  

Performances run November 16th – 18th

Cast List

Grace Gilmour as Jo

(Swing) Miller Woodall

Abby Stanford as Amy

(Understudy) Avery Cole

Kat Petty as Beth

(Understudy) Sierra Peterson

Miller Woodall as Meg

(Understudy) Sara Castro

Charlotte Chaffin as Aunt March

(Swing) Addie Vogt

Natalie Fiacco as Marmee

(Understudy) Siena Ferrara and Emma Laura Woodall

Max Franklin as Laurie

Win Scott as Professor Bhaer

William Nix as Mr. Brooke

“Special Guest” as Mr. Laurence

Addie Vogt as Mrs. Kirk

Operatic Tragedy Leads

Addie Vogt as Clarissa
Piper Hendryx as Rodrigo

William Nix as Braxton


Sara Castro

Avery Cole

Hannah Douglas

Alyssa Gershon-Palma

Siena Ferrara

Peyton Fuller

Piper Hendryx

Sierra Peterson

Sonoma Peterson

Holly Vogt

Emma Laura Woodall

*Swing – These performers will learn multiple roles and step into the role in the event of illness or injury.

*Understudy – These performers will shadow their castmates, learn skills, ask questions and take a wonderful opportunity for skill-building and artistic growth. They will perform the understudy role in the event that the swing performers are not available.