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A 2021-22 Arts Season Message from Matthew Neylon

As I begin my 7th year at Mount Vernon, I couldn’t be more excited to see students get back on stage, making music, and collaborating in ways they haven’t been able to for seventeen months. In the life of a student, that feels like forever, and we are hard at work relaunching programs and doing everything we can to provide more unique creative outlets than ever before. Already, we’ve had dozens of students participate in the 5th Annual Drama Bootcamp, 3 Day Play, and Fall Auditions for our most robust season yet, with three Mainstage fall productions. Also, we’ve re-launched our music performance program with 12 ensembles and more to come! 

I’ve decided to title the 2021-22 Season ‘Show+Tell’ because my hope is that students feel empowered to SHOWcase their talent and TELL their story in new and exciting ways. Also, I am so proud of our teaching team, who was recently awarded the prestigious Arts Innovation award from the Arts Schools Network. I truly couldn’t be more thankful for our faculty’s dedication and sacrifice as they work long hours, help with all-school events, manage extra-curricular/curricular programs, support interdisciplinary work in each division, build rehearsal schedules, communicate auditions, share opportunities, and acquire and maintain equipment to do the innovative work that makes us so proud. I recognize that at times there are gaps in expectation or communication for families and I want to do everything I can to bridge that gap. So please reach out and let me help you communicate with our teaching team. They are so valuable to our school and I want to do everything we can as a community to support, equip, and celebrate our incredible Arts Staff. 

The breadth and depth of creativity at Mount Vernon is incredible and I can’t wait for you to see the amazing things our students can do when we give them the tools, training, and time to shine. I’m praying for peace, health, and joy in our community and for your family this year.

Be well + stay creative,

Matt Neylon