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Middle School Comedy Night

Live from MV Middle School; it’s COMEDY NIGHT!!
The annual Winter Comedy Sketch Show will be coming to the MS Black Box on February 1-3 at 6:00 pm each night. In the style of Saturday Night Live and Studio C, the show is a mix of short funny scenes called sketches and improv games that are presented together for a fun night of laughs. “Since our winter production calendar is much shorter than the fall or the spring, the sketch comedy and improv format make it easier for us to put together a show quickly”, says Mr. Spencer Stephens, the Director of Middle School Theatre here at Mount Vernon.
And, as with all the shows in the middle school, this production is student-driven. Grade 8 students are given the opportunity to direct some of the sketches. There are a few sketches written by members of the cast, and all the technical design, construction, and execution for the show are done by student designers and technicians.
You don’t want to miss the chance to laugh yourself silly, so come on down and join us for a night of comedy in the Middle School Black Box.

Cast & Crew:

  • Janie Atkinson
  • Caitlyn Boyd
  • Charlotte Chaffin
  • Kaylin Colarusso
  • Eli Diaz
  • Madison Dunn
  • Emma Fambro
  • Cameron Flotta
  • Rhilynn Franklin
  • Wilson Freeman
  • Ashlyn Fuller
  • Rex Garlinghouse
  • Morgan Huggins
  • Hulya Inel
  • Dean Langford
  • Stella Love
  • Chalotte McMillan
  • Harper McMillan
  • Ella Medlin
  • Oliver Membrillo
  • Parker Nicholson
  • Elle O’Neal
  • Ona Oli
  • Grayson Richmond
  • Maddie Royster
  • Vedika Soni
  • Abby Stanford
  • Kadin Tomlinson
  • Vivienne Veach
  • Libba Weitz
  • Emma Laura Woodall
  • Natalie Fiacco
  • William Nix
  • Jalen Hagans
  • Sonoma Peterson