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MV goes Global with a new Affinity Group

By Laura Von Vieregge, Christine Gilmour, and Lejla Ibrahimbegovic

The MVGlobal Affinity Group is a recent addition to the IDEA program at Mount Vernon.  A collaboration between MV parents with strong international affiliations and the IDEA team, MVGlobal facilitates connections between families with strong international links and creates a vibrant space to share the rich cultural diversity within the Mount Vernon Community.
Our goals include the following:  

  1. Supporting the school in its efforts to increase awareness, knowledge, and inclusion of international cultures & events to ensure that our students become truly “globally competitive;”
  2. Showcasing & celebrating the global diversity that already exists at Mount Vernon.
  3. Encouraging connections and support systems between and for students and families with similar international backgrounds.
  4.  Ensuring that we strengthen and improve the admissions environment to encourage more international families to consider Mount Vernon as their school of choice.

We welcome input from the MV Community to help us grow awareness of and share our international diversity and invite you to join us for coffee and community building at our monthly MVGlobal meetings! 

Our inaugural event is the “MVGlobal Picnic” on the 16th of March 2023.  This event is an opportunity to showcase some of our international foods and cultural symbols, including costumes, flags, dancing, and music. The MVGlobal Picnic will take place on the Lower School Campus from 3-5 pm on March 16, 2023.

At this time, we would love for everyone excited to participate and contribute to the picnic to sign up by clicking the button below.

We will help organize small groups around shared cultural heritage and coordinate the set-up for the event. Looking forward to a fun time together celebrating MV!