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Preschool: The Wonder of Visual Arts

Preschool, Kindergarten, and First Grade artists spent the month of January investigating quilts. Whether the purpose is fashion or function, quilts are found in cultures worldwide and can be traced back thousands of years. Quilts are often a reflection of the time in which they were created, and many quilts hold deep meaning for the families who treasure them.
We asked our parents to support our learning by sending photos of the special quilts to their families. We made a classroom book of the photos, and the learners loved sharing their photos with their friends! Some quilts were made by great-grandparents and have been passed down through generations. 
Preschool artists used paper shapes to piece together collaborative quilts. PreK4 and PreK5 learners also created a 100 Wishes Quilt, a beautiful Chinese tradition where friends and families stitch together 100 wishes for the newborn recipient. The Howe family shared their 100 Wishes quilt with us, and we created one of our own for our Mt. Vernon babies who will follow in our footsteps in the preschool in the future.
Kindergarten loved piecing together Victorian Crazy Quilts from hand-painted paper squares. Crazy quilts feature vibrant colors and intricate stitching. First grade studied the work of Faith Ringgold, an artist, and author known for her incredible story quilts. Artists painted a canvas panel telling a story that was special to them.
The quilts will be on display at school throughout the month of February, then move to the Sandy Springs Library for the month of March.