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November 2021 | Puffs

Directed By Spencer Stephens

Puffs, or Seven Increasingly Eventful Years at a Certain School of Magic and Magic is a 2015 original play by New York-based playwright Matt Cox. The Middle School Theatre Department will stage the one-act version of the play for “Young Wizards” and our students are excited to participate in this fast-paced comedic retelling of an epic young adult series. Told from the humble perspective of a badger-themed student dorm, the magic and whimsy of a boarding school for wizards comes to our school (with puppets!). The show has been praised for its comedy and staging, and was nominated for the Off-Broadway Alliance Award for “Best Unique Theatrical Experience” in 2017. MV Studios’ production of the show is helmed by Spencer Stephens and Emily Pastore.

Want to hear more about Puffs? Here is a story written by student journalist William Nix 2025

Performed November 3-5, 2021

This play sold out every night, the audience was packed, we even had to bring in additional chairs closing night because so many people showed up begging for seats!

Poster and Program:

Photos from the Show:

Cast List

Caleb Campbell as Wayne Hopkins
Jalen Hagans as Oliver Rivers
Siena Ferrara as Megan Jones
David Kamer as Narrator
Cade Dehem as Ernie Mac
Avery Cole as Hannah
Oliver Membrillo as J. Finch Fletchley
Peyton Fuller as Leanne

Lily Tuck as Sally Perks
Sonoma Peterson as Susie Bones
Max Franklin as Cedric
Sierra Peterson as Harry & Others
Julia Houseal as Mr. Voldy & Others
Charlotte Chaffin as Xavia Jones & Others
Hannah Douglas as A Certain Potions Teacher & Others

Ensemble (Various Characters & Puppets)

Smith Andres
Annabelle Bolton
Annie Bumbardner
Rex Garlinghouse
Charlotte McMillan

Elle O’Neal
Stephen Pierce
Sadie Thomas
Vivienne Veach
Amalie Zufari

Student Directors

Ryanne Kelly (MS)
Holly Vogt (US)

Tech Crew

Michael Fennelly
Cameron Flotta
Rhilynn Franklin
Aisha Franklyn

Stella Love
Tara Patel
Miles Woodruff
Carter Rankin