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Staff Spotlight

Timothy Hall is the MV Upper School’s Film Instructor and talented independent filmmaker; this is his first year teaching at Mount Vernon.
Tim hails from Macon, GA, and graduated with a BFA in Filmmaking from the University of North Carolina School of the Arts School of Filmmaking. From an early age, Tim was passionate about storytelling; he is inspired by human beings and finds the universal experience of this life endlessly fascinating. Having the opportunity to walk alongside students as they navigate such a pivotal time in life has been extremely rewarding throughout Tim’s first year at Mount Vernon.
Tim finds the level of Mount Vernon student talent quite impressive and is excited to build the film program into something very special. In all MV filmmaking classes, students learn through a hands-on approach. In different forms, they aim to tell unique, captivating stories that get to the heart of what it means to be human.
This year, the film program has already accomplished quite a lot! Examples include:Sports Broadcasting classes have been making documentaries on MV student-athletes and learning the basics of sports journalism and broadcast.Film production students write their own short screenplays and work in pairs to create an original short film.Post-production class has been tackling different editing exercises, such as creating a new film using pre-existing video and audio and creating a visual time capsule telling the story of their lives as high schoolers in 2022. They are also creating an original, short documentary on a topic of their choosing. 
Tim is tremendously excited about the MV end-of-the-year screening night (date TBA). Students will experience the thrill of having their work screened in front of an audience. The evening program features the complete work portfolio – Film Production, Post-Production, and Sports Broadcast classes.
When not at MV, Tim is an independent filmmaker who has I’ve written and directed three feature films. Tim has traveled worldwide as his movies have been screened at film festivals globally. His most recent feature film, Landlocked, just completed its film festival run. The movie played in 30+ film festivals worldwide, winning several awards, and airs on PBS this month. Tim is excited to start producing a new feature film this year.
Above all, Tim is a husband and a father to two wonderful boys, who are both very artistically inclined and hope to become future MV Mustangs.

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