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The Mount Vernon Film Crew

By Michael Barwood, Class of 2022

On September 23, 13 Mount Vernon students embarked on a journey to create a short film within 72 hours, participating in a 72 Hour Film Fest. Scriptwriters stayed late after school Friday writing the script, working with the given prompt, “The Interpretation and Re-Creation of Dreams”.

Actors and camera operators came in on Saturday to film a variety of scenes across campus, utilizing the new equipment given to them. Everything came together when the editors came in on Sunday to stitch together the short film. After combing through video clips to craft together the final piece, the short film Running Scared was finished. Those who participated include Michael Barwood, Win Scott, Rose Dodder, Caroline Putnam, Shea Griffith, William Nix, Zoe Embelton, Audrey Brown, Piper Hendryx, Noah Erwin, Miller Woodall, Warren Neel, and Amy Strudwick.

However, as exciting as this was, this is just the beginning for The Mount Vernon Film Crew. As of now, they plan on creating two 10-15 minutes short films throughout the coming school year, films that will be submitted to numerous competitions.

The Mount Vernon film crew also creates the weekly videos shown to Upper school students each week during advisory. These videos are created in a news-esque format, recapping the previous week and looking toward the week ahead.

The Mount Vernon Film Crew is open to any and all high school students, already boasting 30 members, who, along with the names previously mentioned, include Anna-Charlotte Toole, Beau Reinking, Ben Edwards, Callum Graham, Dennis Norman, Frankie Whelan, Georgia Wray Weseman, Grace Gilmour, Herris Fentress, Hooli Jr Broome, Jack Isakson, Jackson Kelly, Liana Nketia-Gyasi, Reed Garzon, Taylor Docka, Thomas Kinser, and Alyssa Gershon-Palma. If a student wishes to join, they can contact Michael Barwood at or Mr. Basulto at