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We love our Thespians!

by William Nix, Class of 2023

What is the Thespian Society? I’m glad you asked! The Thespian Society is an international honor society for students of the theatre arts. The members of Mount Vernon’s Junior and high school Thespian Society Troupe 7702, known as the MV Allstars, are a group like no other!

At Mount Vernon, the MV Allstars help to guide what their theatre does, whether it be events, competitions, conventions, or even potlucks! Among their biggest events of the year are Thescon. Jr. and high school Thescon, both of which take place in the month of February. In the period leading up to Thescon, the students put together their own showcases, called IEs, to present to the judges. The troupes get a certain number of IEs to present, and whether they be for theatre tech, singing, acting, or costume designing, the Thespians to choose their own submissions and present them to their respective judges. 

Next year is an especially exciting year for the high school MV Allstars, as they have been honored, following a rigorous audition process, with an invitation to attend and participate in the Fringe Festival, the world’s largest festival dedicated to theatre arts. Sixteen MV Allstars will be part of a cohort of schools presenting theatre on behalf of the American High School Theatre Festival. Read more about the MV Allstars’ participation in the Fringe Festival here. 

How can I become a Thespian? The Mount Vernon Thespian troupes require their members to be in at least three shows before joining, and members once inducted during the spring ceremony, can campaign for specific leadership positions, including the president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, webmaster, publicity, representatives, and historian, within their troupes. Each role plays an integral part to the operation of their troupe. 

Now I know you’re asking, what does being a Thespian mean? To be a Thespian means to be a person who is dedicated to the theatre. Senior Win Scott says, “The Thespian Society allows kids who have a passion for storytelling to explore the capabilities of oneself on and off stage.” Thespians are passionate about their department and love to help in any chance they get! For JuniorMiller Woodall, being a part of the Thespian Troupe “means a lot to me because I have found my friends through theatre! It is an outlet for me to escape and spend time with my friends.”

Be sure to support the MV Allstars by seeing their next shows!

Members of the Upper School MV Allstars are: Win Scott (President), Warren Neel, Rose Dodder, Jackson Aull, Michael Barwood, Miller Woodall (VP), Addie Vogt (Publicity), Grace Gilmour, Leighton Batchellor, Natalie Fiacco, Thomas Fennely, Audrey Thompson, Piper Hendrix (Treasurer), Amy Strudwick, Zoe Embleton, Shea Griffith (WebMaster), Emi Lutz, Kat Petty (Secretary), Sydney Tiffin, William Nix (Historian), Dennis Norman, Holly Vogt, Caroline Putnam, Frankie Whelan, Chris Kartsonas, Sydney Smith, and Jackson Davis.

Members of the MV Jr. Allstars are: Charlotte Chaffin, Maro Ogufere, Avery Cole, Caleb Campbell, Lily Tuck, Peyton Fuller, Rex Garlinghouse, Rayne Randall, Siena Ferrara, Sierra Peterson, Sonoma Peterson, Vivian Veach, Emmie Jarman, Hannah Douglas, Noah Erwin, Ryanne Kelly, and Abby Stanford.