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Who Lives In A Pineapple Under The Sea?

William Nix, Class of 2023

Are ‘ya ready kids? Mount Vernon’s production of SpongeBob The Musical took place just below the ocean floor in a town named Bikini Bottom. In the face of an apocalypse, a volcano threatening to end all of Bikini Bottom as we know it, SpongeBob and a cast of eclectic, energetic, and charming characters had to cope with this reality. In the face of this problem, SpongeBob, a young and energetic kitchen sponge, Patrick, a friendly starfish who loves ice cream, and Sandy, an intelligent and quick squirrel, banded together to try to stop a volcano and save Bikini Bottom. The SpongeBob Musical kicked off the summer, giving the audience a feel for the season. This musical left spectators with a message of hope and belonging, bolstering inclusivity and being yourself! All of which were a great way to end the 2021-21 Mount Vernon theatre season and begin the summer.

Beginning on March 21, this cast of over twenty actors, singers, and dancers began the race to bring this show on the road. With a rigorous schedule of dance, blocking, and vocal workings, this cast brought the show together in six weeks! These actors learned to tap dance, tambourine, work with sound effects, and move like sea creatures. The magic didn’t stop there; the set and costume designers worked deep beneath the ocean floor (get it?) to help bring this show to life. Alone, the set and costume design of the show took months to come together. 

The stage was put together using many platforms with two beautiful arrays of kelp (made out of paper) floating above, immersing the viewers in the nautical world of Bikini Bottom. The background was met with a projector screen, used as an accent to many of the scenes in the show. Beneath the projector screen was netting spotted with old CDs, used to spotlight that section of the stage. Barrels of kelp (made out of pool noodles) and beach balls sat on each side of the stage, highlighting the town’s scenery. Next, the left and right sides of the stage were flanked by scaffolding made to represent each character. On the left was SpongeBob, while on the right sat Patrick. Finally, a beautiful blue light was cast onto the stage, giving an accent to the set pieces leaving viewers fully immersed in the aquatic wonderland. Also, not to be forgotten was the entrance to the theatre, beautifully decorated with many different sea-props and signs representing the underwater world. A special thanks to the parents and students for decorating this beautiful outside landscape