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Volunteer with a Friend

One of the things I enjoyed last year was the time I got to spend with friends on socially distant walks through our neighborhoods or chatting over coffee via Zoom. I think one thing the pandemic has made us all realize is how important the people in our lives are to us, as shown by how we tried as much as we could to see them, despite everything the world threw in our way.

After so much time away from Mount Vernon, it has been a joy to sit in planning meetings in the courtyard, laughing with friends, face to face.  I have gotten excited as I looked at possible designs for the Christmas decorations for the Arts Showcase coming in December. Kids are hammering above and building all sorts of things out of wood, and a few kids are soldering new boards in hopes of a cool new feature for an upcoming project. 

All of these activities need your help. At Mount Vernon, we are, better together. So with the air turning colder and the needs ramping up, I am inviting you to volunteer with a friend. Reach out today. Ask your friend to join you for a volunteer hour or two. And when you sign up I will give you Free Coffee for you and your friend. Enjoy your time together, face to face, and come back to Mount Vernon where volunteering is more fun together.

There are many opportunities here at Mount Vernon to volunteer, so please take this moment to pull out your calendars and see what times you have available.

There are committees to join (something you can do as a pair). Right now, we are looking for Preschool Studio Parents and Film Studio Parents. We are looking for Membership Coordinators. We need a Social Media Manager as well. There are lots of opportunities to help the Mount Vernon Arts Alliance grow over the next year.

For builders, painters, and people who like to tinker with electronics, we are looking for volunteers for Tech Tuesdays, the Robotics Club on Fridays, and many building projects in the coming weeks.

Do you like to decorate? We are looking for people to help us deck the halls for this holiday season.

Do you like to throw parties? We are looking for people to help us throw our Christmas Carol show, Jazz Night, and many other events throughout this school year.

Want to do something else? Not sure how you want to help? Click here to see even more opportunities to volunteer. Or, contact me and let me know what you’d like to do with a friend this October.

I will provide the coffee and a location to volunteer. All you need to do is select one of the opportunities above, sign up, then click here to arrange for your free coffee

Thank you so much, and I look forward to seeing you all.

Desiree Vogt
MV Arts Alliance Chair