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Student Spotlight: Winsten Chiu

Mount Vernon fifth-grader Winsten Chiu sets his sights on excellence in choral music as a member of the Georgia Boys Choir. Winsten expressed interest in music when the Georgia Boys Choir came to Mount Vernon to audition students in 2017. Winsten quickly discovered that he loved being a member of the choir. He started in the Apprentice Choir and worked his way up to Concert Choir. Along the way, he was given the Star Award for achieving proficiency for his level. This is his 5th year with the organization.

Winsten’s passion for singing is supported by his admirable work ethic: he practices twice a week and some weekends. The effort and time commitment of choir practice can be exhausting at times, but the reward for Winsten is sharing choir music with the audience and seeing the joy it brings them. This past July, Winsten toured with the Georgia Boys Choir across Georgia, South Carolina, West Virginia, and North Carolina, and gave 15 concerts, including a performance of the National Anthem at Fluor Field for the Drive, a minor league baseball team in Greenville.

Winsten aspires to be a member of the Young Man’s Ensemble, the top level in the Georgia Boys Choir, and hopes to earn more awards from the Choir for leadership and character as he grows and matures. Winsten also encourages his friends and peers join the choir to spread the joy and love!

 Five Fun Facts about Winsten: 

1.       Winsten loves airplanes, and he created a 1:400 scale airport at home.

2.       Winsten studies Russian remotely every weekend with his grandma who lives in Russia.  

3.       Winsten loves biking, swimming, and has an orange belt in martial arts.

4.       Winsten has visited 6 countries (Japan, Russia, Taiwan, England, Finland, Canada) and cannot wait to travel internationally soon again.

5.       Winsten loves creating skyscrapers and underwater castles in Minecraft.