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Senior Spotlight: A Sit Down With Win Scott

by William Nix, Class of 2023 

Win Scott is a senior at Mount Vernon who has been dedicating his time and talents to the arts since he came to Mount Vernon his freshman year. Win has been actively participating in MV theatre productions and many film projects since his debut. Currently, he is working on the MV Film Crew’s semester one film and a one-man show entitled An Iliad. An Iliad is a production set around the Trojan War. This production covers the quarrels and fighting that ensue near the end of such the war. I had the honor of meeting Win Scott for an interview during which I asked him about his theatre and film journey.

What inspired you to do An Iliad as a show?

  • Mr. Taylor brought it to my attention last year, and I read the script. The script alone captured my interest. The way it illustrates the devastation of wars throughout time was extremely well done. And the scale of this incredibly impactful show really pushed me into the effort to do this right. 

What originally sparked the inspiration of this show?

  • The couple of performances on YouTube, and me Shea Griffith and Mr. Taylor went to see it at Concord Theatrics, which was so well done it gave me the idea to put it on its feet. 

Is there anyone that you would like to thank in your journey? Anyone that you would like to shout out?

  • Shea, Michael, Caroline and Zoe for helping me put this show together with lights and the technical aspects. I very much appreciate it. More specifically I want to thank Mr. Taylor. Everything he’s done, including putting this show on its feet and being my theatre mentor for multiple years.

That’s great! What is one thing you would like for the audience to take mind of before viewing the performance?

  • This is a very heavy story. It is entertaining and fun, but the core themes touch on very sensitive subjects. Keep an open mind and indulge in everything that will be onstage that they think is most important because everyone can find something to take away from this show. 

Now let’s pivot the subject, I know you are a film connoisseur, how long have you been in the art form?

  • I started my first film class in 7th grade, and it has snowballed to where I am today, working towards making it my career.

Very good. Now, who inspires you in both the theater and on the film set?

  • Overall, what inspires me is people who know what they want to do or those who work hard on their goals and respect others for what they are working on. People who follow their passions and have respect for those who are also following their passions, it inspires me to be on my journey and to encourage others to continue on theirs. 

That is very deep. What are your goals for the future regarding your show and for your films?

  • To take a break. But afterwards, continue onto my career in film school and see where life takes me. 

A break is always needed. Thank you, Mr. Scott.

– Thank you, William!

Watch for what Win does next in his artistic pursuits. We thank you, Win, for all you do for the Mount Vernon community and we wish you much joy and success in life and your future film career! 

Late-breaking News:

On Saturday, February 5th, Win Scott got a Showcase Superior in his technical individual event at ThesCon. Only two of these were given out for technical individual events for the whole state. This is amazing, Way to go WIn and we can’t wait to see your show later this Spring!