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Make Some Music

Make some music: Sometimes, it starts with the beat of the drums, or the strumming of a guitar, the trill of a flute, or the soothing sound of a cello. Other times, there are no instruments at all, simply the resounding song of the choir.

Get out and Move

Get movin’ and groovin’: March to the beat of your own drum, but why stop at marching? Sway to the rhythm, leap into the air, spin to your heart’s desires. Let your movement form your art. Dance like the whole world is watching.

Jump on the Stage

On the stage: “All the world’s a stage,” said Shakespeare. Seize the stage through the comedic power of improv, the complex intricacies of puppetry arts, the melodic madness of a musical, or the narrative of a play

Look through the lens

Click! There is nothing like the ability to capture a single moment in an image or video. And what better medium to do so with than the camera? Use the lens to share your perspective or to tell your story!

Use your Hands

A blank page. An empty canvas. Never used clays and metals. Endless possibilities. What will you create? Paint a portrait? Sketch a landscape? Sculp a bracelet? The choice is yours.

Go behind the Scenes

Whether you are creating robots, using a soundboard to design a stunning soundscape, or rigging lights for a show, you are making art. The creativity doesn’t stop where the curtain drops.

Mount Vernon Arts Alliance is a group of Parents, Grandparents, and friends whose mission is to advance the educational mindset of the arts at Mount Vernon by connecting families and faculty. We nurture an environment that focuses attention on all Mount Vernon creative endeavors, and we identify and communicate the needs and opportunities for engagement within the greater Mount Vernon arts community to encourage, celebrate and include all students, from preschoolers to seniors.

Celebrating Together

When our students finish their Beethoven sonata or hang their photography, take their bows, slip on the bracelet they just made, adjust the nose of a puppet they just finished, when our students are ready to show us their work, join us to celebrate the moments

Volunteering Together

Join us as we build sets, apply makeup, sew costumes, tinker with electronics, fine-tune audio equipment, polish instruments, feed the masses, paint backgrounds, write newsletters, work on websites, lead tours, reimagine spaces, welcome guests, and enjoy our time together.

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