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Student Spotlight: Addie Vogt

Mount Vernon 11th grader, Addie Vogt, first decided to get involved with theatre productions in 6th grade because she wanted to have more time socializing with friends, but before long, she quickly fell in love with theatre. She connected with the aspects of it that resonated with her past experiences as a competitive figure skater, such as the dynamic of the stage and the audience, the performance aspect, and the creative opportunities involving set and costume design.

Addison Vogt, Madagascar 2018

Five years later, Addie is fully immersed in Mount Vernon’s theatre program, as a member and officer of the Upper School’s All-Stars Thespian Troupe and playing integral roles, both on stage and backstage, in all of Mount Vernon’s seasonal Upper School theatre productions.  Addie is also the graphic designer for the Upper campus theatre program, building on her experiences designing T-shirts and using Illustrator. She loves to brainstorm and perfect the design to match the concept, and her design expertise is described by her teachers and peers as both indispensable and invaluable.

Addie’s love of performing and design extends beyond the theatre program. This is her third year as a member of Vernon Vocals, the Upper School a capella singing group that performs at school events and that was invited to perform at Carnegie Hall in New York in 2020.  Addie is also a member of the Upper Campus Robotics Club.

Next month, Addison will be in the Spring Mainstage production of, Spongebob The Musical, playing Sandy Cheeks, and this August, Addie will join other Mount Vernon Upper School Thespian Troupe 7702 All-Stars in a new adventure by traveling to Scotland to present Mr. Taylor’s original play A Hip Summer Night’s Dream at the Fringe Festival. This event is a great reflection of Mount Vernon’s values as it offers a unique opportunity for artists and performers from around the globe to present and engage with each other’s creative projects.

Five Fun Facts About Addie:

  1. She used to be a competitive figure skater and skated for eight years.
  2. She got two cats during the pandemic. Their names are Leo and Mittens. 
  3. Addie can surf! Even though she lived near the beach in California for many years, she actually learned how to surf on the east coast.
  4. She has read the Harry Potter series four times.
  5. She is launching a business on April 1st! You can find out more at