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Vernon Vocals 2022-23

Vernon Vocals is a club for students in G6-12 who love to sing. The group was formed 7 years ago by Emmy Schaeffer, a student who wanted to start a vocal group where students set the schedule, picked the songs, and made all the big decisions. Over the years, Vernon… Read More »Vernon Vocals 2022-23

Open Mic Night 2022

Get Ready for Open Mic Night Tuesday, October 4, 6:00 PM Open Mic Night is an annual event where our best and brightest upper school musicians come to show off their exceptional talent. Hosted in the Upper School Cafe on Tuesday, October 4th, the doors opened at 6:00. Our third… Read More »Open Mic Night 2022

Art In Action Day

In Action Day: An Immersive Arts Experience at the Lower Campus This story was contributed by Amanda Lower, Lower School Performing Arts Instructor, 2-5; Art Design by 5th grader Hulya Inel On Friday, April 22 the Lower Campus was alive with Immersive Arts Experiences. During their regular connections block, the… Read More »Art In Action Day

MV Faculty Spotlight: Alison James

Alison James is a member of Mount Vernon’s Visual and Performing Arts faculty and focuses on strings instruction through the Choice Electives program in the Middle school. The Strings elective offers the traditional orchestra strings: violin, viola, and cello. The class meets 2-3 times every week, the students select the… Read More »MV Faculty Spotlight: Alison James

Addison Vogt

Student Spotlight: Addie Vogt

Mount Vernon 11th grader, Addie Vogt, first decided to get involved with theatre productions in 6th grade because she wanted to have more time socializing with friends, but before long, she quickly fell in love with theatre. She connected with the aspects of it that resonated with her past experiences… Read More »Student Spotlight: Addie Vogt

Jazz Night 2022

MV’s First Annual Jazz Night

Life is a lot like jazz. It’s best when you improvise.  – George Gershwin On February 22, 2022, Mount Vernon students and their families experienced the power of live performance at Mount Vernon’s inaugural Jazz Night. Led by directors Vann Thornton and Michael Nestor, Middle School and Upper School singers… Read More »MV’s First Annual Jazz Night

Vernon Vocals at the Hawks Game

December 5, 2021 MV’s Vernon Vocals group took their talents to the State Farm Arena on Sunday, December 5th, where they sang the National Anthem before the Atlanta Hawks game.

Meet the Vernon Vocals

by Miller Woodall, Class of 2023 In the Upper School, clubs and extracurricular activities are an important aspect of Mount Vernon’s student life. Vernon Vocals, an a capella singing club created by Emmy Schaffer (Class of 2017) and Matthew Neylon in 2015, has been brought back this year by student… Read More »Meet the Vernon Vocals