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A Letter to our Members

Thank you for supporting the Mount Vernon Arts Alliance.

On the first day of building, my builders made for me…

Surrounded by kids from Upper, Middle, and Lower School as well as several parents, we worked on reindeer and set pieces, designing what would become a marble floor. There were two nutcrackers involved. The 3rd graders can now tell you how the large format printer works, and I promised them some 3D printing next time. The Lower School students worked with Upper School students to paint, and with parents to use the jig saw to cut out the reindeer’s body.

MV Arts Alliance 2022-2023

The Mount Vernon Arts Alliance is an independent organization of parents, grandparents, and special friends committed to advancing the educational mission of Mount Vernon Studios. We are dedicated to connecting families and the school’s arts and design faculty and nurturing the Mount Vernon community’s creativity in Film, Theater, Visual Arts,… Read More »MV Arts Alliance 2022-2023

MVAA Build Events 2022

Mount Vernon Build Events are fun opportunities to come and wield some scissors or play with a stapler. If you are into woodworking, there will be people sawing and hammering. Paint is always available if you want to focus on your artist side. This year we are helping with sets… Read More »MVAA Build Events 2022

Stay Up to Date

With Calendars for your Student’s Personal Pathway There are so many ways for students to get involved in the arts at Mount Vernon, The clubs below offer students an opportunity to create with friends outside of the classroom. DrumlineThursday, 7:30-8:15ESports ClubTBDFilm ClubTuesday, 7:30-8:20Fashion ClubTBDGrade 7-8 Art ClubFriday, 7:45-8:30International Thespian SocietyTBDInternational… Read More »Stay Up to Date

EOY Message, Matthew Neylon

Hello artists,  When I came to Mount Vernon 7 years ago, there were only a small handful of teachers and students who considered themselves artists. When I realized how much unrealized talent and potential we had, I started sharing a simple message: “You are an artist”. It’s true, no matter… Read More »EOY Message, Matthew Neylon

Arts Faculty Leadership

2022-23 School Year This summer, Matt Neylon will transition from Director of Visual & Performing Arts into a new role focused on supporting staff wellness, retention, and recruitment efforts. It’s not an easy time to be a teacher and with 53% of teachers across the country considering leaving the profession… Read More »Arts Faculty Leadership

Faculty Spotlight: Kathy Kelly-George

Kathy Kelly-George is Mount Vernon’s new Vocal Coach and teaches Voice Choice as an elective course to Middle and Upper School students. This is Kathy’s first year teaching at Mount Vernon following the school’s decision to offer vocal coaching to students interested in improving their vocal performance skills. However, Kathy… Read More »Faculty Spotlight: Kathy Kelly-George

Faculty Spotlight: Amanda Lower

Amanda Lower is Mount Vernon’s Lower School Performing Arts Instructor focused on growing student confidence and social/emotional skills through movement. This is Amanda’s second year at Mount Vernon, having joined the school as an Interdisciplinary Artist and quickly finding her ‘home’ working with Mustangs in grades 2-5. The Lower School’s… Read More »Faculty Spotlight: Amanda Lower