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Faculty Spotlight: Kathy Kelly-George

Kathy Kelly-George is Mount Vernon’s new Vocal Coach and teaches Voice Choice as an elective course to Middle and Upper School students. This is Kathy’s first year teaching at Mount Vernon following the school’s decision to offer vocal coaching to students interested in improving their vocal performance skills. However, Kathy… Read More »Faculty Spotlight: Kathy Kelly-George

Faculty Spotlight: Amanda Lower

Amanda Lower is Mount Vernon’s Lower School Performing Arts Instructor focused on growing student confidence and social/emotional skills through movement. This is Amanda’s second year at Mount Vernon, having joined the school as an Interdisciplinary Artist and quickly finding her ‘home’ working with Mustangs in grades 2-5. The Lower School’s… Read More »Faculty Spotlight: Amanda Lower

Student Spotlight: Jalen Hagans

Seventh-grader, Jalen Hagans, has been nurturing his passion for dance since he was a toddler. His love for dance flows as naturally as his love for music and stage performance. When he was seven, he discovered a dancer named Kida while watching So You Think You Can Dance: The Next… Read More »Student Spotlight: Jalen Hagans

Mount Vernon School

Volunteer with a Friend

One of the things I enjoyed last year was the time I got to spend with friends on socially distant walks through our neighborhoods or chatting over coffee via Zoom. I think one thing the pandemic has made us all realize is how important the people in our lives are… Read More »Volunteer with a Friend

Student Spotlight: Winsten Chiu

Mount Vernon fifth-grader Winsten Chiu sets his sights on excellence in choral music as a member of the Georgia Boys Choir. Winsten expressed interest in music when the Georgia Boys Choir came to Mount Vernon to audition students in 2017. Winsten quickly discovered that he loved being a member of the… Read More »Student Spotlight: Winsten Chiu

Volunteer Opportunities

Help Wanted!  Are you interested in meeting some fun parents at Mount Vernon and helping out on a fun crew?

MV Arts Alliance Call to Membership

The Mount Vernon Arts Alliance is the reimagined Friends of the Arts. It is an independent organization of parents, grandparents, and special friends committed to advancing the educational mission of Mount Vernon Studios. We are dedicated to connecting families and the school’s arts and design faculty and nurturing the Mount… Read More »MV Arts Alliance Call to Membership